利记SBOBET网页版学院学生Covid - 19缓解指南  

利记SBOBET网页版 remains committed to the health 和 安全ty of its students 和 employees. Prevention of illness 和 spread of viruses is our top priority.

利记SBOBET网页版学院以科学为指导, 和 research tells us that vaccination of the vast majority of our community will provide the best possible protection against COVID-19. This is critical 为 communities like ours, where we share living, dining, 和 learning spaces.

因此, we highly recommend that all 利记SBOBET网页版 students who will be on any campus at any time be 最新的COVID-19疫苗接种情况. We continue to closely monitor developments of COVID-19 和 follow the 疾病控制中心佛蒙特州卫生部 指导. 学院将紧随其后 佛蒙特州 state m和ates regarding institutions of higher education when they differ from 美国疾病控制与预防中心的指导. We will keep this in为mation updated as circumstances change. Please visit this page often, especially as you near your arrival on campus.

利记SBOBET网页版学院(利记SBOBET网页版)为其所有课程提供虚拟选项 派驻. 在 患严重疾病的风险更高, 和 those who are not fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), should seriously consider using this option as you prepare 为 their residency.

为了利记SBOBET网页版大家的安全,为了利记SBOBET网页版大家 感觉 安全, there are essential health 和 安全ty measures that each member of our community has the responsibility to follow to protect their own health 和 that of their colleagues. The in为mation below is meant to help members of this community make appropriate decisions 和 take personal responsibility

If you have questions about 利记SBOBET网页版’s COVID risk mitigation strategy, contact the 学生服务 办公室.


As mentioned, we highly recommend that all students on all 利记SBOBET网页版 campuses, be 最新的COVID-19疫苗接种情况 抵达前. In addition, it is also strongly recommended that students, faculty, 和 staff get a flu shot.


屏蔽 practices will follow the m和ates of the local jurisdiction. 检查 佛蒙特州卫生部普兰菲尔德遴选委员会 更新利记SBOBET网页版佛蒙特州校园的网页. 学生服务 will be working with Student Council Representatives to organize community meetings where we will encourage the Learning Community to agree upon group norms 和 respectful practices while at residency.


Community members should come to residency prepared with at least 2 rapid antigen tests or 学生服务 will assist in acquiring one from a local pharmacy. 建议学生接受测试(再一次), three to five days 后 completing their residency 和/or arriving home.

The CDC explains the types of testing available 和 recommended here

*如果你是国际旅行,复习一下 疾病预防控制中心所有国际航空或陆地旅行 症状 & 曝光,隔离 & 检疫.

If you have been exposed in the last 10 days to someone who you know or believe has COVID-19, 请不要来校园. 联络学生服务 to arrange 为 virtual participation.

COVID-19 affects different people in different ways; infected people have reported a 症状范围广-从轻微到严重. 


  • 发烧或发冷
  • 咳嗽
  • 呼吸短促或呼吸困难
  • 乏力
  • 肌肉或身体疼痛
  • 头疼
  • 味觉或嗅觉新丧失
  • 喉咙痛
  • 鼻塞或流鼻涕
  • 恶心或呕吐
  • 腹泻

症状可能在接触病毒后2至14天出现, 一个人在两天之内的任何时候都可能传染 之前 10天 当天出现的症状.

If someone is showing or experiencing any of the following severe symptoms, 立即寻求紧急医疗护理:

  • 呼吸困难
  • 胸部持续疼痛或压迫
  • 新的困惑
  • 不能清醒或不能保持清醒
  • Pale, gray, or blue-colored skin, lips, or nail beds, depending on skin tone

If you are experiencing ANY symptoms that might be COVID-related, 不论你的疫苗接种情况如何:

  1. 联系学生服务中心并立即隔离.
  2. 做一个快速抗原测试. If the test is negative, remain isolated 和 repeat the test 36 hours later. 如果您在第二次测试中收到第二个阴性结果, 你可以结束隔离,回到社区.
  3. 如果积极, 继续隔离, 联系您的医疗保健提供者, 并对任何追踪接触者的努力作出回应.

隔离 有症状的人需要服用什么药物, COVID-19检测呈阳性, 或被诊断患有COVID-19, 和 need to be separated from others to avoid infecting them. Students who test positive 和 need a 安全 place to isolate on 佛蒙特州’s campus may be moved temporarily to Pratt dorm.

结束隔离 只有 当1)从症状开始的那一天起已经过去了五天, 2)快速抗原检测结果为阴性. AND 3) are asymptomatic or your symptoms are resolving 和 you have been without fever 为 24 hours.

检疫 is a way 为 individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19—through close contact with an infected person—to limit their contact with others while it is determined whether they have COVID-19.


  1. 联络学生服务.
  2. You must wear a mast 为 at least ten days following exposure.
  3. For all those exposed, we also recommend getting a PCR test on day five.
  4. 如果出现症状, you should immediately quarantine until a negative test confirms symptoms are not attributable to COVID-19.

利记SBOBET网页版员工致力于您的健康和安全, 和 to ensuring you maximize your learning experience even if you are unwell, 隔离, 或者被隔离. 学生服务办公室将帮助参加考试, 根据需要安排隔离或检疫, 安排虚拟访问你的住所, 提供个人登记服务, 并提供一般性支持. While we can provide free rapid antigen test kits to students in need, we are unable to provide transportation to PCR testing sites 为 unvaccinated students. 


按照州卫生局的建议, we encourage you to keep six feet between yourself 和 others, 室内和室外, especially if you are not fully vaccinated 和/or are at greater risk 为 severe symptoms.

Medical/surgical masks will be available in all meeting rooms on campus but/和, 不管你的疫苗接种状况如何, students should bring masks/face coverings to campus 和 have at least one on your person at all times.

即使在没有强制要求戴口罩的情况下, Goddard continues to be a mask-friendly campus: many members of our community will choose to wear face coverings even if not required to, 如果是这样的话, 个人的决定得到支持.


Students should frequently 和 thoroughly wash their h和s with soap 和 warm water 为 at least twenty seconds, 尤其是进入一个新领域的时候, 在公共场所之后, 或者在擤完鼻子之后, 咳嗽, 打喷嚏, 或者触摸他们的脸.

If soap 和 water are not available, use a h和 sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. H和 sanitizer will be available inside the entrances to campus buildings, 在教室, 事件空间.















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